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Droplinessurf School Fuerteventura

1. All customers must be physically fit and able of at least swimming. The customer confirms that from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him from surfing. 2. The booking will be valid when the agreement between both parts has been effective via email, telephone or through our social networks and confirmed by Droplinessurf School. 3. The total amount of the reservation must be paid, according to DropLinesSurf indicates the means of payment, previously agreed between the parts. 4. Droplinessurf School, is responsible of the correct preparation and execution of the surf course, together with the description of the service offered, as well as not responsible of people or material damages happening during the surf lesson. 5. Participation is the customer's risk. Droplinessurf School is responsible for any failure of the instructor and also for what happened during the course. 6. The responsibility of Droplinessurf School is limited to a maximum of 3 times the amount of the fee for 1 course, as long as the damage or the damage was not produced on purpose. 7. Droplinessurf School is not responsible for circumstances caused by weather and refunds will not be given due to the weather conditions. 8. The customer must exercise caution in the use of material released for the practice and accepts the responsibility for replacing any equipment that is lost or damaged while under the care or use of the customer. Any property that is replaced must be paid for the appropriate market value as assessed by Droplinessurf School. Thereafter, the damaged equipment becomes property of the customer. 9. The customer must follow the orders and instructions of the Droplinessurf School surf instructor. In case of irresponsible behavior and putting the health or image of the customer at risk, as well as the pace of the class, the customer may be excluded from the lessons after prior warning. In this case, the amount of the course will not be refunded. 10. Reservations can be canceled before 24 hours before the lesson. We ask you to send the cancellation by phone, mail or through our social networks. If you cancell the lesson at least 24 hours before, the price of the lesson will be charged. The surf lessons packs are valid for 2 months and are personal, non - transferable to another person and non -refundable. The cancellation is valid from the moment of the agreement between the parts.

Surfboards Droplinessurf School Fuerteventura
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