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Droplinessurf School was founded in 2020 by combining vision, passion and dedication. Years ago, my daily work was totally different until I met surfing. Of all the sports that I have practiced, this is the one that fascinated me the most. Because of its demands, its lifestyle and above all because it is a sport in which you are in full contact with nature and depending on her at all times. I never had a chance to practice surfing until reaching the age of maturity. Following its discovery, surfing changed me and the lifestyle that I was used to. From now on each of my decisions in life was influenced by surfing. My life changed completely and for the better, with a much more pleasant feeling of satisfaction. A seed began to grow within me, which demanded more and more time in the saltwater, day after day, until my life changed. My goal became to be able to transmit and teach this experience to people, showing and guiding them towards that state of happiness and absolute satisfaction that only the surf life offers. My beginnings in surfing, were in Byron Bay, Australia. After my return to Spain, I was just thinking of convincing my friends to try this experience. My vision and strength were so dedicated , so that I almost founded a surf trips club. The first surf trip we did, was to Zarautz beach. When booking some surf lessons with Patxi, either by accident or luck, we received them from Aritz Aranburu's coach, Aitor Francesena, “El Gallo”. After all this, my previous job ended just with the start of the summer season of the Somo beach, Cantabria "European Surf Reserve". I started my work in a surf house bar, with the intention of being able to surf every day in my free time and to be able to soak up more of this culture. Also through many free-surfers who traveled the world in search of waves and from the Cantabrian locals. When winter came, I decided to stay, living there for the next 5 years. Thus I was able to continue practicing what was already my passion, surfing. After a couple of years, I decided to get the title of Surf Coach Technician level 1 in Federación Cántabra de surf, hand in hand with the best professionals in this sport. There I learned the basic technical knowledge of surfing, with the intention of being able to travel, surf different waves and to work as surf instructor. All I wanted was to teach and share my passion, knowledge and experience of surfing with other people. I travelled to France several times, Portugal and different Canary Islands. I currently live on one of them, more precisely on Fuerteventura island. I have worked in the leading schools in the national territory for 8 years, learning from professional surfers, sharing my experience and knowledge with students from all over the world. The next step was to prepare and get the title of National Surf Coach level 2 , in Federación Cántabra de surf to acquire the largest physical, technical and psychological training that this sport demands, and thus be able to professionalize myself more in the world of surfing. To this day, I have 14 years experience of surfing and I do not want to stop learning new things every day related to this sport, my passion, which completely changed my life.

Surf history
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